Meet Stevens.

Stevens is currently an educator who is passionate about the well-being and future of the younger generations growing up in a connected, fast paced, and active society. The youngest son of undocumented parents from Colombia, his commitment to achieving a fair and noble life for his family has led him to community organizing and activism during his time as a college student.

As a nontraditional student, Stevens learned about being a member of the working class before earning his bachelor’s degree in History from Texas Southern University in 2017.

Today Stevens is determined to push forward in a political system that is not designed to elevate working class candidates, and is supported by a dedicated team of working class supporters who believe in the need for progressive representation in Congress.

Join our campaign and help us push through the obstacles of big money and big media. This is our grassroots campaign to change Houston and the country for better. This is for the younger generations who will inherit this effort and all of its fruits.