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It’s time for
Houston to Join the
Progressive Movement.

Lead with Us! 


Moving towards a more progressive future.


Green New Deal


Medicare for All


Immigration Justice


A New Progressive Candidate

Houston is growing, and with growth comes evolution. The most diverse city in the country is going through an incredible transformation. A transformation led by the working class who have come from all around the country and the world to make Houston, HOME.

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Keeping Money Out of Politics

The current state of politics has shown itself to be harmful to the people it is meant to represent. Since the days of Occupy Wall St. and the Recession, the American people have learned about the heavy and corrupt influence of money in politics. 


Upcoming Events & Latest News

Stay updated and keep up with our upcoming events, plus all the latest articles, features, and announcements as our campaign grows and reaches the communities in your area.

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Check Your Voter Status

Check your voting status with us and look forward to future voter registration events.

Let’s continue to push forward.

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Meet Stevens Orozco

Stevens is currently an educator who is passionate about the well-being and future of the younger generations growing up in a connected, fast paced, and active society.


Ways to help

Be a part of the change!

Since 2016, a generation has responded to the instability and intolerance of our political system and narrative. The nation is now moving at a neck-breaking pace towards political confrontations from both the right and the left.

The duty for every person to take ownership of their community makes the local effort extremely vital to the security of a brighter future. Our campaign is that local effort in Houston, and we need you.