The history of this country is one of a nation of immigrants who built it every step of the way. Unfortunately, somewhere along in that history some began to point backwards towards those new faces arriving to its shores and borders as the source of all their problems. The formation of ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement) after 9/11 unleashed a rogue agency on a hard working community of families and refugees who only desire to have a fair chance to pursue stability, prosperity, and happiness. It is our duty to honor our intersections with this diverse community of undocumented peoples. The connection amongst us in our shared history of seeking a better life should be enough for us to unite. This means no monuments to separation and intolerance, no wall between families. This means continuing our fight against mass incarceration and ending detention centers for good. This means we must abolish ICE. We must create a clear path to citizenship, and protect the large community that not only add billions of taxes to our economy, but add culture and beauty to our ever evolving nation.

Climate change has become the defining battle of our generation and it is the battle the younger generations to come will have to continue to fight. The effects of unregulated toxic practices of the fossil fuel industry have accumulated over the past century, and in the past 14 years since Hurricane Katrina we have faced the daunting reality of extreme weather conditions. Wild fires have consumed historic numbers of land and life, winters have become dangerously intense, and in Houston, Hurricane Harvey showed us what it felt like to experience the down pour of its outer rain bands. Houston is the capital of oil and gas. Therefore, it is our collective responsibility to push the industry to evolve past harmful fossil fuel practices and embrace the rise of new energy technologies that make powering the world safer and more efficient. The Orozco2020 team supports the Green New Deal as the most necessary step for our generation to begin the process of healing our planet and strengthening our economy through a new and thriving green energy industry.

Families have suffered too long with the burden of medical costs, prescription prices, and health insurance rates. It is an immoral reality that people have been forced to decide between paying their rent, or paying for a lifesaving pill that they need daily. There are many families who have to file for bankruptcy due to the high medical bills that they are required to pay after an accident or due to the unfortunate condition of a chronic illness. All this comes from the greed of special interest entities who financially benefit from how our healthcare system operates, and they have only made it worse as the years gone by.

Corporate establishment politicians from both sides of the aisle have quietly taken large donations from these entities in order to facilitate their path to their enrichment, all the while as the working class suffers under its weight.

Medicare for All is another generational fight that will steer the direction of the country towards a more economically sound system where the people, not the special interest entities, will reap the benefits of debt free and sensible pricing by joining the rest of the developed nations around the world with a single payer system which allows people to enjoy their lives and not worry about debt or poverty.

There comes a time when honest truths about the past must be confronted and amends must be made through action. Our criminal justice system has grown from historical roots which include slavery, black codes, Jim Crow, and redlining. The expansion of the mass incarceration industry is an immoral act on poor working class communities of color, and the financial profits from this expansion echoes the motivations of slavery from long ago. The time to reform the criminal justice system from the bottom up is a high priority. As Houston earns the title of the most diverse city in the country, the responsibility to lead the rest of the country in this arena is ours to hold. Ending cash bail and decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana is a step, but at the federal level, these policies must catch up and expand further. The mass incarceration industry which benefits from unjust laws, profiling tactics, and minority targeting must now be reined in. Join us in this crucial battle to repair and heal our collective history and push forward once and for all.

The time to honor the work and excellence of women has passed us a long time ago. Women deserve every right and equal access that our country and world has to offer. In the crowded spaces of organizing and mobilizing people, we see women doing the heavy lifting and strategizing. The political wave that has risen since 2016 has shown us what empowered women can achieve. We must protect a women’s right to choose. We must pay women equal wages for equal work. We must open leadership spaces for women to occupy. The time to recognize the contribution of all women, trans women, women of color, and working class women who support entire families has come. Our team believes that the future can only be a bright and progressive as the women that we elevate.

The pages of civil rights history contain many gaps where the LGBTQIA+ community has led and achieved breakthroughs for all the rest of society. It is unfortunate that this same community is too often the first victims of attacks to the equal rights that we all deserve. The need to educate ourselves on our LGBTQIA+ community is paramount. Through education we can learn so much more and let go of subconscious biases and misunderstandings. Simultaneously, we must protect this community as it has had its rights stripped away in recent years. Our laws must wrap and protect us all. No matter who we love, how we love, how we see ourselves, or how we choose to live our truth. It is our duty to join the LGBTQIA+ community in this fight. Join us and let us grow together.

There isn’t a strong and bright future without a well prepared and educated community. The state of our educational system has become an emergency that needs to be rescued with meaningful ideas and programs. The student loan crisis is an economic bubble many experts expect to burst and hurt our economy. The people deserve to be rescued the same way Wall St. was after the recession of 2008. Free college education and student loan forgiveness is a bold progressive move forward that would boost our economy and not hurt it. In order to keep up with the rest of the world, we must make higher education accessible to all, and we must invest in trade schools for those who seek to help build the future of infrastructure and technology our country needs. The financial draining of our students and graduates for the economic benefit of a few loan companies and special interest groups must end. Our campaign believes in a progressive future where free college education is launching pad for a more efficient and economic country.

The recent rise in political activism around the country has opened up the space to discuss the dismantling of our democracy. Since the Voting Rights Act was passed in 1965, anti-democratic interests have been gutting its protections and the results have shown in the past election cycles. Gerrymandering has drawn districts for the convenience of special interest and rendered the vote from people ineffective. Corporations have been declared as “people” and their money as “free speech.” The need to reform our electoral process is needed now more than ever. That is why our campaign supports the current HR1 bill or the “For The People” Act which addresses these attacks on our democracy. Along with automatic voter registration and making election day a holiday, the current bill is a great start for us to reclaim our democracy. Join our campaign as we continue to push forward for our future to be decided by our votes and not the big money of the few.

Over the past decade, the gig economy has created a reality of having multiple part-time jobs that still do not pay enough to live a stable and meaningful life. Even with a full schedule of work, most Americans are one unfortunate turn of events away from homelessness. For these reasons and more, our campaign supports the idea of a federal jobs guarantee program, which follows the legacy of the Economic Bill of Rights and the Civil Rights movement. Communities today are in need of help and assistance that many of its own community members can fulfill if only given the resources. A federal jobs guarantee program would be federally funded and locally administered. The program would ensure that local organizations and community members can help provide their communities with the support needed for initiatives that can range from: community gardens, public school support, community clean up, after school programs, and many more. These programs would focus on carbon-free projects that can help elevate communities and the economy. Our mission is to reduce the burden on the working class who are trapped in the hustle of multiple part time jobs that don’t provide benefits. That mission will be accomplished by providing the working class with meaningful work that will give access to the benefits needed to create stability and space for them to thrive in their life goals.